The food crisis is coming

food crisis

Mauritius 2022. Today Joseph only ate a piece of bread and butter and he drank water before going to school and he has been eating only that for days. Her mum can hardly afford to buy food at the grocery shop since her money is becoming more and more scarce as the price of every item is going up and up. She prays when will it stop and wishes she could give a good meal to Joseph before he goes to school for a good day but she cannot. Madagascar 2022, same story, Mozambique, Tanzania, Somalia, same story. Do you think it ends there?

Joseph and her mum are not the only one who cannot afford to buy food on a daily basis. People are falling in between the crack every day. The combination of Coronavirus and the reshuffle of the economic dices pulled by many politicians and corporations associates (the elites) are stirring up the order of supply and demand as we know it. They pull strings to cause all sort of domino effects and turn the economic and financial mechanics to their advantage, leaving millions of us stranded and in a disadvantaged position and so many people lining up for food in Africa or for social security money to buy food in the Western World.

Well, our world does not need a kingship system to exploit us anymore, but it does need leadership, the leadership comes from people from the ground like us, we can do the human chain to feed people in our country, our suburbs and neighbourhood. It will work and it is the whole ideal of You know why it will work? Because when we stand together, we become a force of nature.

I meet this colleague who migrated from India once and I was having a conversation with him during the break and he told me something rather surprising. In the place he comes from in Rajasthan, nobody dies of starvation, everyday everybody has food to eat. If they do not have at home they can come to special places like temples where food is cooked and distributed to the needy every day and they can talk and have conversation with other people. Then I remembered the day when I myself was an international student in an Australia University, there were time when I did not have enough money to meet the end before I got myself a job. But I remembered that there were a group of people distributing free food three times a week at the University and I lived on it for six months. That was a critical moment in my own life and it help me get through. From there, when I got a job later in that same university, I went on helping other international students who could not afford to buy food every day. Some of them went on being shakers and movers in the world.

At Sadex Trading, our philosophy is to work with other business partners, we started at home, in Africa and the concept is growing over to Australia with other like-minded business partners and we work together with one mission in mind, to provide affordable food to our peers such as children going to school, students at the University mothers and fathers going about their business, people in remote areas.

Sadex Trading has a hand-in-hand business approach. We negotiate for food and prices with farmers in many food basket regions and we minutely organize the critical path in the supply chain to deliver to buyers all over Africa and Australia. We facilitate and ease the finance solutions and we also give a hand at the distribution process. Our team stand together and we invite you to join in this human chain. Together we can pull it together and save ourself from this challenging time.

By Corrine Arekion – April 2022

Corinne Arekion
Merchandising and Logistics

MLMed, Bachelor of Sciences, CRT IV Building

With a Master in Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Sciences, Corrine Arekion is a professional who has worked in various industries both in the  African region and in Australia. She first started as a Teacher and a Flight Attendant before progressing  to work as a Research Centre coordinator at the Unversity of Newcastle.

Since then she has travelled extensively  and worked in various organisations across Australia and lately  in the supply chain and accounting industry of a multinational organisation in Queensland.  However her passion for serving people has motivated Corrine to sue the avenue of merchandising within  the supply Chain industry, and she is now providing a high level of support in the department of Merchandising and Logistics, at Sadex Trading Ltd.

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