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Who we are?

Sadex Trading Ltd is a Company based in Mauritius in the African region and in Queensland, Australia. Our mission is to provide a duty of care to the maximum number of people by wholesaling staple food such as rice, sugar, flour and milk.

We started our journey during the Covid-19 pandemic when there were important disruptions in the supply chain industry, with important shortages of food and commodity felt everywhere on the supermarket shelves across the world. Our food supplies come directly from farmers and producers with the highest quality assurance processes in every step involved in the food supply chain from farming to processing, packing and shipping.

At Sadex Trading, our team is dedicated to ensure that our customers have a high level of services and facilitation to buy the food they need for distribution. We focus our best to offer very affordable prices despite the challenges and high fluctuation in the maritime industry.

What we believe in?

Our philosophy is based on the fact that everyone deserves to have affordable food everyday no matter where they live and no matter if the economy is up or down. Whether people live in rural areas, disaster zones, quarantine zone, war zone or simply in the urban areas, everybody deserve to have nutritious food readily available and affordable in their nearby shop or distribution outlet, because accessibility to food is a basic human right.

This is the reason why we dedicate ourselves at looking for food right from food baskets across Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region and we ensure a rigorous supply chain journey to deliver food right where it’s needed so that people such as growing children, women have meals every day on their plate. We firmly believe that the world will be a better place if everyone has food in their belly.

Our Products

Why eat parboiled rice?

Parboiled rice
Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice is perfect and indulgent. You can’t spoil rice by over-boiling it, unlike other rice, it won’t stick or get slippery if you cook it for too long or too little.

Parboiled long grain rice is richer in nutrients than regular white rice. The way it is ground and steamed makes it richer in nutrients.

Compared to normal white rice, parboiled rice is higher in protein, essential vitamins B like thiamine and niacin, calcium and potassium. It also contains more fibre than white rice, making it a better choice for people with diabetes and growing children because it prevents sugar spikes and provides better nutrients.

The parboiled rice offered by Sadex Trading is rich in Protein, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Folate (Vitamin B9), Vitamin E, Iron and other minerals.

Long grain rice
Long grain rice (parboiled) 5% to 25% broken
Medium grain rice
Medium grain rice (parboiled) 5% to 25% broken
Short grain rice
Short grain rice (parboiled) 5% to 25% broken
Powder Milk
Powder Milk

Our services

Our service extends to wholesalers, distributors, caterers, food factory producers, restaurants and not for profit humanitarian food aids agencies. We provide worthy payment facilities for our customers.

Don’t wait! contact us now and tell us your need and our customer service will answer your query within 48 hours.

Why buy with us?

As a customer, you are important to us and we go to the full extent to ensure that you get:

  1. The highest quality of food sealed with an international ISO standard certification and appropriate lab testing.
  2. Our price is very competitive. We go the full length to get you the lowest price for the highest quality of staple food supply so that your client gets very affordable food. We physically visit farmers, and processing yards in the Asia-pacific region to ensure the right balance between quality, price and the human factor along the production line.
  3. We use strong quality bags for packing, for a maximum shelf life and multiple cargo handling at different stations, in the supply chain journey.
  4. We provide random check merchandising services to ensure quality before shipping.
  5. We have a strong team to put all the required documentations are accurate and up to date and we work with reliable shipping lines that will deliver your goods on time.

Contact us

Sadex Trading Ltd

Mauritius Head Office

89 Avenue Dauphins, Albion, Petite Riviere, MAURITIUS
Mobile / WhatsApp: +230 5880 7770
Email: Sadex786@hotmail.com

Australia Branch

24 Dayboro Road, Petrie, QLD 4502
Mobile / WhatsApp: +614 13548919
Email: Sadex.desk@outlook.com

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